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Legal Writing Seminars

Ms. Jacobs conducts public and in-house seminars (often for CLE credit) for attorneys who wish to improve their writing skills. Using her “B.O.L.D.”© Writing Method (i.e., be Brief, Organized, Logical, and Dynamic) she teaches lawyers to communicate clearly and persuasively with judges, clients, and other counsel.

As a writing teacher with more than two decades of hands-on legal experience, she understands the pressures of the law firm environment and is uniquely positioned to offer practical advice to attorneys. Her lively presentations and enthusiasm for the subject make her a popular speaker. As one recent attendee said:

I couldn’t believe how much our attorneys learned in one afternoon.
[Kathy G., New Haven, CT]

For more information about scheduling a legal writing seminar, contact Ms. Jacobs. Please note that Ms. Jacobs typically schedules legal writing seminars two to four months in advance.

One-on-One Coaching and Editing Services

In addition to running workshops and seminars, Ms. Jacobs also provides one-on-one coaching and editing services to authors, attorneys, and law firms. Her keen eye, ability to simplify and organize material, and decades of experience make her an invaluable editor for both legal and non-legal documents. She is expert at revising motions and appellate briefs—oftentimes under tight deadlines. As one satisfied attorney put it:

Valerie’s suggested changes made the brief stronger and more persuasive. Her input was critical to our success. I would recommend her most highly. [Robert F., NYC]

In addition, Ms. Jacobs frequently works closely with other authors to polish manuscripts in preparation for publication.

To learn more about her coaching and editing services, contact Ms. Jacobs.

Creative Writing Workshops

Valerie Seiling Jacobs teaches writers how to apply storytelling techniques to nonfiction prose, including personal essays, profiles, journal entries, and memoirs. As one student put it:

Valerie designs meaningful lesson plans, communicates information with the utmost clarity, listens with a trained ear, and delivers honest and insightful critique in a constructive, nurturing and impassioned way.
[Lauren S., Hamden, CT]

Participants in her classes consistently give Ms. Jacobs ratings that range from excellent to outstanding. For more information on her current workshop schedule, go to or contact Ms. Jacobs.

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