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The Million Dollar View

After her father's death, Ms. Jacobs was charged with selling her parents' house on Staten Island. In this essay, she contends with an unctuous realtor as well as her own emotional conflict:
“What a lovely neighborhood,” the realtor said. She stepped into the foyer and extended a perfectly manicured hand. I sighed. She was the third agent to tour the house, so I was prepared for the smart suit....

Avert Your Eyes

Even before the Gulf Oil Spill, Ms. Jacobs worried about the state of our oceans. In the following essay, she considers the consequences of our addiction to plastic: If you have not yet read “Moby-Duck: Or, The Synthetic Wilderness of Childhood,” Donovan Hohn’s essay about a mishap at sea that sent thousands of rubber duckies sailing around the globe, then I suggest you steer clear of it....

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